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NO UNDER 18 PICS: skolopad at it again #SAMA23 dress

Skolopad nonhlanhla at it again #SAMA23 dress

SHE BELIEVES she’s got a beautiful body and she likes flashing it!
Skolopad seems to shock Mzansi every time she does it.
This comes after her yellow dress at the Metro FM awards earlier this year raised eyebrows and Skolopad promised the next would be something even more spectacular.
“Just wait and see what I wear to the Samas,” she vowed.
Over the weekend at the Samas she made good on her promise.
Unlike before where she lifted her dress for the cameras, showing off her thigh and a bum cheek, this time she went down on her hands and knees, lay on her side and let people feast on her assets.
Once again, Mzansi responded rapidly and her outfit and pose went viral on social media.
While some people on social media gave her a tongue lashing, others praised her.
Some said she went too far! Others said she it was all in good fun, or that it was brave, or even arrogant.

Skolopad didn’t just walk on the red carpet. She went and lay down in the middle of it, smiling for the cameras.
Skolopad, who is a nurse by profession, said she is comfortable with her half-naked self.
The house and kwaito singer has been trying to break into the entertainment industry since 2014.

She has a hit single called Umzimba Wakho which translates to “My ass” or “Shake your booty.” It’s about being proud in your body and not being afraid to show it off.
On her Twitter account, she said her style of dressing is the reason record companies don’t want to sign her.
#UMZIMBA @skolopad : People who are giving me attention, accuse me of liking attention like they are not gonna talk about me for the whole week, minimum.
Siphiwo Nzawumbi? @SiphiwoNzawumbi wrote on Twitter:
“When will you heathens start recognising Queen @skolopad? When will you admit she’s the best thing since Lebo Mathosa? When?”
- Daily Sun

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