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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Pastor tries to commit suicide after watching daughter’s video

Pastor tries to commit suicide after watching daughter’s video

An interdenominational pastor in the Western Cape is in ICU battling for his life after he tried to commit suicide. The man of the cloth is said to have gone into depression after video surfaced of his USA based daughter dancing on a st_rip pole in a st_rip club. The 22 year old lady, Keametswe Moremo, went to the United States to further her studies in Theology but shocked everyone when the video emerged.

Sources close to the news say the 3 minute video was sent to the pastor via WhatsApp showing the woman performing in a club dancing to some loud music and at some point her private part can be clearly visible. After the video leak, the pastor, whose wife passed away last year is said to have been depressed and bought some rat poison which he drank hoping to end his life. But a visitor who came to see the pastor arrived at the perfect time as he was able to save the pastor who was lying motionless in the dining room.
“Had it not been for brother Mike who came to visit at the right time, the pastor would have died”, said a memeber of the congregation. An ambulance was called and the pastor was taken into ICU where he is battling for his life because the rat poison had started to dissolve his intestines.
The daughter, Kea is said to have tried to explain how she was dancing to raise some money. “Dad knows I am good at dancing but he won’t approve how I dance. I am old enough to make my own decisions.” she was head saying.
Source : LiveMonitor

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