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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Tricks to have more bedroom action

Tricks to have more bedroom action

There are many benefits that come from a visit to the gym.
You sleep better, you lose weight, gain muscle, feel healthier in general – and your l!_bido skyrockets.
New research from the University of Texas at Austin has shown that pre-menopausal women who exercise increase their l!_bido by such a large amount that it will even help women whose $_x drives have been lowered by antidepressants.

The researchers said this is because the short burst of high-intensity exercise the participants in the study undertook resulted in an heightened sympathetic nervous system activity – which gets the blood flowing towards the genitals.
It also showed this can counteract antidepressants’ l!_bido-killing side effects.
A separate study from Duke University linked obesity with a lowered s_ex drive and $_xu@l difficulties, meaning people who lose weight at the gym could also be gaining confidence which could help their $_x drive.
Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, regular exercise can still boost your l_!bido.
However another recent study from the University of North Carolina found frequent and high intensity exercise can be linked to a lower $_x drive.
This study looked at 1,077 active men and quizzed them about their workout habits and $_xual behaviour.
The research found the men who did low intensity workouts were seven times more likely to have a high l_!bido than those who completed high intensity workouts.
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