Sunday, May 7

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Uyanda Mbuli prefers younger men

Uyanda Mbuli prefers younger men

Sisa's ex wife the beautiful Uyanda Mbuli says she's too strong to be broken by hear say.

The self pro claimed feeding scheme says that she is okay with people who use her name just to feed their families.

Uyanda is single at the moment but she is no longer into older men as they have been through a lot in life and are anger filled.

She is not looking for Ben 10's but Ben 12s will definitely do her good. She spoke to Anele Mdoda about her respect for her ex husband.

It's rare to find exes complimenting each other but Uyanda is a woman and a half and she added that she can't wait for her ex husband to get married again.

Not that we believe her but she's quite a Queen if you ask .

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