Thursday, June 15

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Gunman 'Christopher Kubheka' suicide letter leaked

Gunman 'Christopher Kubheka' bazooka suicidal letter leaked

Bazooka Suicidal - Gunman AKA Bazooka has left very big holes in the hearts of many. Those close to him say he was a joyful person to be around.

He was full of jokes and likes dissing just so there's never a chance to think about the sadness of life,added a friend.

Upon cleaning his room and making space for the funeral preparations, members of his family and very close friends say the found a note.

They took it straight to the sister who weeped very hard while reading it. The sister then passed it to a close friend of Christopher.

Anyone who got hold of the letter was left in a pool of tears. It's a suicidal note which he noted down all his life troubles and sadness.

Many who read the letter kept saying why couldn't he talk to us about that? It could have been fixed.

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thats so sad to the family n friends be strong kuz9ndlula