Monday, June 26

Mahlatse Ramatseba

SAD!! Julius Malema has only 6 months to live: Said the Doctor

SAD!!  Julius Malema has 6 months to live: Said the Doctor 

South Africans have been asking themselves why EFF leader Julius Malema has been getting thinner and thinner since last year.
To make things clear, a very emotional Julius Malema addressed the media this morning to inform South Africans that he is dying of an unknown disease, which will probably be named after him, and doctors are giving him only 6 months MAX to live.

“i Apologise to All the White People for Everything Bad I Have Said About Them. I Apologise to Blacks and the Rest of Sa for Assisting Zuma to Become President. I Didn’t Know. I Have Consulted Different Doctors About My Condition, but They Can’t Tell What Is Eating Me. They Did However Tell Me That I’ve Got Less Than Six Months Left to Live. All I Can Say Is That, at Least They Were Able to Discover That There Is Something Eating Me From Within.” Said Malema.


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