Wednesday, June 21

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Shona Ferguson takes a second wife because connie ferguson is old and barren

Shona Ferguson takes a second wife because Connie is getting older and barren

Shona and Connie are our Bee and Jay of South Africa. They have one child together.

Connie is older with a couple of years and she is more than happy about their decision of bringing a younger wife into their equation.

Connie knows her place in Shona's life and she knows very well that no one will ever take her place,said a friend.

The two are crazily in love so much that a second wife is just there to give them more kids not to break them apart,their bond is a lot stronger .

This was Connie's idea and Shona disagreed at first but eventually gave in because his wife really wants more children in his name, added the friend.

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