Thursday, June 8

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Somizi mistakenly sends his daughter his 4/5 pic on whatsup

Somizi mistakenly sends his daughter his 4/5

The fabulous and energetic and alive Somizi has been said to have sent his daughter a very wrong pic.

As crazy as he is ,he is a strict and great dad even with h0mo$xualiry. Many homos hide their children to avoid being judged by people who think h0mo$xuals are not born that way.

He has spoken on TV that he's single or it could be that "ujola nabo"(might be with multiple partners).

A source close to Somizi and his daughter  (Bahumi) said that there's tension between the two one would swear that Somgaga mistakenly sent his private part to his daughter by default because nothing could come between those two except something along those lines.

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