Saturday, July 22

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Baby Mama drama at Ray Phiri's funeral - Nation shocked

Baby Mama drama at Ray Phiri's funeral

The service started off smoothly this morning and people came in big numbers to pay their final respect to the legend.

People from far and near arrived with sad faces which goes to show how much Ray has touched many's lives during his time on earth.

His celebrity friends showed up and embraced the journey they have taken with Ray.

People close to his heart where given a platform to talk about the legend and express their loss.

When his obituary was read out loud to the masses, the part where the number of his children surviving him got an unknown lady to stand on her feet and yelled "I have kids with him,why are his kids with me excluded "

She stormed out with tears still shouting "Ray loved his kids and he is probably turning in his grave as we speak "

The event that took place was only witnessed by a few people but it sure left a lot of awkwardness.

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