Monday, July 24

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Connie Ferguson bless herself with Rolls Royce

Connie Ferguson bless herself with Rolls Royce

We've watched Connie Ferguson on the TV screens for many many years. She's been there so long that many people even call her by her character names.

Although she's been on different projects with different names,the one name that still takes the trophy is Karabo Moroka. That's the name that had a strong impact on her profile.

We've seen Connie grow from being a single mom to a wife,from being an actress to being a producer and owning her very own influential company which she Co owns with her husband,Shona.

A while back Shona bought Connie a Mercedes Benz and she has recently bought her self a Rolls Royce.

That's exactly what happens when you are dedicated and hard working, you don't need blessers, you become one to your self.  Congrats Mrs Ferguson.

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