Tuesday, July 25

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Dj Tira fainted because he got dumped by....& recovering from the hospital

Dj Tira fainted because he got dumped by....

The Durban's finest Dj was rushed to hospital after he fainted while behind the desks making the crowd dance.

A source who happens to be a fan was also at the event and witnessed everything that happened.

Apparently Dj Tira didn't look happy and was seen speaking on the phone to what seems like an unpleasant talk minutes before playing. It looked like a tense argument,said the fan.

While on the desk,he didn't look too good but I just thought he's angry and he will get over it and get into the music,she added.

Next thing he's on the ground and we are left shocked and worried. Paramedics rushed to him and next thing the ambulance was exiting the venue.

That's when we knew that this was more serious than we thought,she said.

He has since been rushed to the hospital but he however gave a statement saying he's ok and recovering.

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