Wednesday, July 19

Mahlatse Ramatseba

FAKE NEWS published false articles regarding the Shepherd Bushiri International University >>>>>>

Official Statement by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

News Media publications that we thought were reliable, now they publish fake News

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Respond- It has come to my knowledge that certain media outlets have published false and misleading articles regarding the Shepherd Bushiri International University.

Contrary to these false allegations, the SB International University is not operating illegally. In fact, the university is yet to be officially launched in South Africa once registration has been finalized later this year. However, my church has hired the Tshwane Institute of Technology to train and equip some of our pastors on a short course in Theology as we wait for SBI to finalise its credentials.

As a higher education institution that will offer legitimate academic qualifications, the university is following all the necessary procedures required by the law in South Africa to obtain registration.
Having said that, we look forward to officially launching the Shepherd Bushiri International University in South Africa soon.

Any news being spread contrary to what I have said is FAKE NEWS and lacks PROFESSIONALISM in investigative journalism.

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