Wednesday, July 19

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Itumeleng khune want his 1 million lobola he payed for Minnie Dlamini

Itumeleng khune demand his one million lobola he payed for Minnie

Itumeleng Khune surely isn't taking Minnie's moving on well. He has never mentioned the one million rand he apparently paid for Minnie's bride price.

At some point when he was asked about it he said he has never paid a cent to the Dlaminis.

And now that Minnie has moved on and surely for good, Khune is coming up with stories.

A close of Itumeleng says that he is demanding his lobola money for Minnie back.

He refuses to leave the house or talk to anyone. He is badly affected by the whole traditional wedding which took place on the 9th of July and his life has paused ever since then.

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