Tuesday, July 18

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Lungile Radu's shocking Divorce

Lungile Radu's shocking Divorce

We have basically watched Lungile Radu go from a cute boy to a handsome man on our screens.

We watched him on our 2cm TV's all the way to 34 then 54inch screens. Lungile has represented South Africa globally too.

His love life was private until he introduced us to the love of his life. A beautiful a down to earth woman.

Those two complimented each other amazingly. We watched them go from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife.

And that's not where it ended, we watched them become parents as well.

A source close to the couple dropped a bomb on us when she told us that they too have been having a lot of arguments lately.

She further said that they are no longer as close as they are and they make excuses not to go to their house.

The concerned friend says that they each confessed to her that Divorce is all they have been thinking about lately.

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