Sunday, July 23

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Makgosha girl who only sell to ZCC members - Nation shocked

Makgosha girl who only sell to zcc members only

A woman who works as woman of the night says he can't stand any other man unless the man is a ZCC church member.

The woman says she used to allow any man but realised that she's working at a loss.

She used to charge per round until one day she was booked for the night by a ZCC man.

The man took an hour for just one round,like any entrepreneur this gave me an idea to better my business.

I started charging per every 10 minutes at the price I'd charge per round previously after realising that all ZCC member's rounds lasts over an hour,she said.

They then became my only clients and I make six times what I used to make with one client per round. Business is good and booming, she added.

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