Tuesday, July 18

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Ray Phiri's 26 year old wife is in trouble

Ray Phiri's 26 year wife old is in trouble 

Ray Phiri married his wife last year when she was just 25 years old and in him she had found a home.

She had a difficult childhood but all that changed the love of her life and the past was erased.

He might have been old enough to be my dad in your eyes but to me he was my best friend and only true sweetest thing in my life,she said.

I relied on him for everything. Emotional strength was drawn from him and he and our 8months toddler were the only existing in my world,she added.

Who do I now turn to? Who do I talk to now? No one will listen to me as much as he did and give me good advises like he did. She's said to not be coping at all.

Ray's wife says she doesn't know how she's going to raise their 8 month toddler alone. He wasn't just a good husband,he was a great father to our baby and now I don't know how I'll do this alone, she added.

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