Friday, July 21

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Rhythm City's Puleng and Idols's Mmatema are half sisters 

Rhythm City's Puleng and Idols's Mmatema are half sisters

The beautiful and humble Puleng of Rthym city has just found out that she's related to Mmatema from idols.

The two never knew about each other because their dad kept them a secret from each other.

Matema grew up in Limpopo while Tebogo(Puleng's real name) grew up in Gauteng and that's how their father managed to keep them a secret for this long.

The two accidently found out about each other when they wished their dad a happy birthday on social media mentioning his names.

This led to fans asking why the two never said anything about them being sisters and with that the fans helped the two on wishing their father a happy birthday.

It shocked them so they went private on the matter and they decided to meet and talk in person and that's when the truth unfolded.

The two are now inseparable and the bestest of friends. A friend of theirs said she has always thought they look alike but never looked at it with a deeper eye.

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