Sunday, July 23

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Thembisa Mdoda's baby daddy revealed.

Thembisa Mdoda's baby daddy revealed.

Not so long ago Thembisa Mdoda who's the host of the TV show Our Perfect Wedding was in a sad scandal.

Thembisa was Married to Athandwa Akani and he divorced her after finding out that the twins he thought were their were actually hers.

This means that Thembisa cheated and lied about the boys being her husband's.

Athandwa left her but he has released a statement saying that he will forever love the boys.

A source close to Thembisa revealed that the twins belongs to Thembisa's old flame.

Apparently Thembisa and the man had a stronger bond than imagined and that's no surprise to anyone close to her that he is the father.

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