Wednesday, August 2

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Brickz family chase his wife and children out of the house

Bricks family chase his wife and children out of the house 

Like every normal black family, when the husband is no more the husband's family want to take over all his assets.

Could this mean Bricks family declare him dead? His family has apparently told the wife to move out.

Bricks, his wife and children lived in their family home of which when he got sentenced the family wanted the wife and kids out.

The family couldn't be reached for an interview at the time of publishing while his wife just broke into tears and hung up the phone.

A source close to Bricks says he witnessed the event happening but he says the family asked the wife to leave.

The family didn't chase the children,they just want the house and it's furniture back since its theirs.

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