Monday, August 21

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Connie & Shona Ferguson welcome Beyoncé's daughter (Blue) into their homes

Connie&Shona Ferguson welcome Beyoncé's daughter (Blue)into their homes

South African Power couple Shona&Connie are apparently very close to the American power couple Beyoncé&Jay Z Carter.

The two couples are so close that they even visit each other without any media catching up on the news.

Connie's house helper was so excited about being in the same house as the American power couple that she couldn't contain keeping it a secret and away from the media

The American rap king apparently uses his private jet to make sure this trips are under wraps.
On Sunday the 20th Beyonce and her husband arrived in SA at the Ferguson mansion to drop off their first child Ivy Blue Carter

She's going to be at the Ferguson  house for the next coming to weeks then the Ferguson's grand child will visit the Carters.

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