Monday, August 14

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Gay Minister Mduduzi Manana is a passionate abuser

Mduduzi Manana is a passionate abuser

Not everything that glitters is gold indeed. We've had role models who've let us down and their excuse is "we are only human ".

Were they not human when they assaulted powerless women? Sometimes one would wonder why this women abusers don't pick up on people their size.

Deputy minister of Educating Mdu Manana is an abuser of note, he abuses with a lot of passion.

He doesn't only abuse women but it appears he is also very abusive to his office employees.
He forces his office staff to do his domestic chores. He forces them to clean,cook and do laundry for him.

Emotional abuse is one of the most damaging abuse. Apparently he once locked his secretary out until 2am as a punishment. He abuses both genders, he's an emotional and physical abuser.

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