Saturday, August 19

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Grace Mugabe appear in court and win 'I hit her to defend my self because she attacked me,it was self defence'

I hit her to protect myself and also sustained injuries – Grace Mugabe claims

Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe claims she hit 20-year-old Gabriella Engels with an extension cord in an act of self-defence. Her two sons were not spared a beating either

Mugabe has told South African officials that she was in fact the victim in the attack that happened last Sunday in a flat in Sandton. This allegedly took place in the presence of numerous body guards.
This is according to highly-placed sources privy to the case. “She is adamant on the issue of protecting herself because she feels she was attacked. She says she was attacked by the victim and that she also has her own injuries which she is not going to publish in the media,” said one source.

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