Monday, August 28

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Simphiwe Ngema loses R1.5 million in forex trading with dumi's pension fund

How Simphiwe Ngema lost a portion of dumi's pension amount of R1.5 million in forex trading after the funeral

Simphiwe Ngema lost her husband's policies and pension money to forex trading.

Just like many Africans she was played. She trusted a man by the name of Mr Ngcobo who played her and sold her dreams.

The young trader made Simphiwe believe her husband's money will double up in just two weeks.

She traded 1.5 million without hesitation in the believe that it will come back as 3miliion in just two weeks.

It's been almost three weeks now and she was told the forex trading platform she joined has collapsed, so her money is all gone

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