Monday, August 14

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Jama 'Oros mampofu' to continue Sfiso Dumi Masilela's character on Rhythm City

Jama to act sfiso 'Dumi Masilela' s character on Rhythm city

Oros (Jama)to continue Dumi Masilela's character on Rhythm City

It's been one sad week after losing a multi talented young man,Dumi Masilela. 

Dumi died in hospital after a hijack that went wrong. His body was laid to rest on Saturday.

Immidiately after his death his character was re arranged in Rhythm City. They had to quickly think of something and with that they then said he moved away. 

But after a few days of thinking what to do they then decided that they will ask Oros who played the role of Jama in skeem saam to take over of which he accepted. 

Oros admitted that it's going to be a tough one since Sfiso was a very talented young man so filling his shoes is quite big.

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