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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Matric students strip in the CBD to celebrate teacher’s death

Matric students strip in the CBD to celebrate teacher’s death

Bleomfontein CBD was brought to a stand still when students from a local school stripped and danced in the streets while scantly dressed.

The students from a local girls high school in the area are said to have gone into celebration mode after a teacher well known for the love of dresses was involved in a car accident and died. Instead of crying, the students shocked the whole city when they took to the streets and celebrated by dancing in the streets and dressing in shorts and mini skirts. Traffic was brought to a stand still.

Narrating the ordeal, one of the teachers said the dead teacher was disliked among the students because he was in the habit of seducing students to sleep with them in exchange for marks. “Dube was always ho_rny, he would ask the girls to come see him at his offices and point blank tell them if they wanted to pass they needed to sleep with him”, said a teacher.
Another student who was visibly jubilant said she was a victim of the teacher when she was in grade 10. “He did the same thing to three of my friends. I refused at first and he failed me. I slept with him once and I passed. I am not proud of that though. Later on I found out he did the same with my friends. The messed up part is that he is married”.

Mr Dube died in a car accident during the last week of July. His car is believed to have hit a stationary truck and he died on scene. Opened beer bottles were found on the scene of the accident which suggested he might have been drunk.

A police convoy eventually dispersed the students.

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