Tuesday, August 22

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Mlungu refuses to pay black magosha and things turn ugly

Mlungu refuses to pay black magosha and things turn ugly

A VIDEO of a young woman forcibly taking money from a mlungu has been making rounds on social media. The unidentified woman can be seen pressing the man down and searching his pockets and saying “usile”! Those in the know claim the woman was referring to the man’s refusal to pay for services she allegedly rendered.
But the man replies by saying: “She’s talking nonsense.” She snatches a cellphone from the man’s pants, which appear to have been pulled down. After failing to take his bag, the woman eventually manages to snatch some money from the bag before fleeing.
She says as she walks away: “You take me for granted. You think you’ll p0_ke me and never pay me! He’s clever this one. He p0_kes me and never pays.” The man, who appears to be drunk, tries to pick up his things and walk away but staggers along the way.

Some men are heard laughing at him! The incident is believed to have taken place in Clairwood in Durban, KZN. All attempts to reach the woman or the man were not successful.
The video had people buzzing on social media.
– Tsebo Marwa‏ wrote: “This is how the revolution begins. It begins with this one courageous and fierce woman.”
- Darren de Lange‏ said: “Good of the lady for getting her money.”
- Sibanda Sboe‏ wrote: “Nothing for mahala, madala.”
- Jonah Babayo‏said: “She deserves a tip for all of this, including the collection fee.”
- Solwazi Pohlo said: “This is sad. It’s a reminder of the pain our sisters endure to put food on the table.”
Source : DailySun

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