Thursday, August 3

Mahlatse Ramatseba

See who shot & killed Sfiso 'Dumi Masilela' of Rhythm city

More details emerges on Sfiso 'Dumi Masilela' of Rhythm city's murder

Who killed Sfiso 'Dumi Masilela' of Rhythm city - Sfiso 'Dumi Masilela' of Rhythm city's killer exposed

The incident took place in Tembisa. Dumi was apparently being followed without noticing.

He just saw it as a normal car driving behind him until a friend he was with in the car told him the car looks rather dodgy.

Dumi then kept an eye on the car and realised his friend was right. He decided to drive faster to see how the suspect would react to that.

That obviously angered the people in the car following him as they started shooting at Dumi's car.

The car driven by the hijackers is a black jeep,Masilela's car is a VW Golf.

Dumi died in hospital this morning and his friend got out of the hijack unharmed.

Masilela's friend was not hurt.

keep on Checking for a video of what happened

Source: Eye witness news

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