Saturday, August 12

Mahlatse Ramatseba

One suspect reveals 'Sfiso' Dumi masilela was killed for rituals

One of the suspect reveals "Sfiso" Dumi was killed for rituals

After days of interrogating the alleged suspects on the murder case of Dumi Masilela there's finally a breakthrough.

The police had to cut a deal with one of the suspects. They deal was that if the suspect gives them the truth and motive behind the hijacking they would reduce his years in jail and also take him to a place of safety.
He demanded parole of which they agreed to. The man then said they were not after his car but him in flesh.

There is a ritual which specifically needed his body parts after he failed several times to sacrifice his biological mother & sister because his mother and sister were too prayerful that satanic charms couldn’t kill them, and so we followed him for two weeks to know more about his routines.

And that led us into shooting. We thought he was alone but after shooting we saw the second person and we had to disappear before we could be identified

He outsmarted us before we could even get to him,said the suspect.

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