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Mahlatse Ramatseba

‘Our perfect wedding’ ends in disaster as Zimbo who married rich white man kicks him out onto the streets after spending all his money

‘Our perfect wedding’ ends in disaster as Zimbo who married rich white man kicks him out onto the streets after spending all his money

All is not well in paradise if recent details coming through to our news desk are anything to go by..
Last year this couple (Martin and Tafadzwa) made headlines after appearing on ‘Our perfect wedding’.Of particular interest was the age difference and absence of the groom’s family who did not want anything to do with their Zimbabwean daughter in law.
This touched many on social media who felt Martin’s family had acted cruelly by snubbing their relative’s wedding.In case you missed the original story,you can find it here
The brother of the groom Jeremy Milani was very vocal calling his sister-in-law a gold digger but his concerns fell on deaf ears..Now a year later he has broken his silence and exclusively shared with iHarare the recent turn of events…
So to everyone who posted comments in 2016 regarding the infamous wedding of Tafadzwa Hakata to Martin Milani just over one year ago and your reporter stated ‘the joke is on his family’…What do you all have to say now?
The ‘marriage’ is in a mess!!! They do not live together anymore, the house that she renovated is sold, Martin is about to get kicked out to the streets by his new ‘family ‘. Now she and Martin txt messages me begging me to help him saying they have no money and asking can I help! Two years ago before she got her claws into him, he had $1.5 million Rands ( she opened businesses, went on exotic vacations, bought cars etc).

This was his retirement money she spent in less thsn 2 years. I told you all she was a gold digger. Now that his money is all spent (by her manipulating him and his mind, convincing him that she ‘loves him’). Too late to come crying to me for help. I warned him over and over that she was going to scam him. She even lied about having twin babies( posting model babies taken from a Swedish website on her Facebook so that everyone thinks it was her babies). Turns out they have no children. Now she claims to have some form of cancer! I say no more. So much for his new ‘family and friends’ helping him out. My point has been proved!!!

And here is the txt I received from her….
“gudge me the way youyou after giving birth to the twins was diagnosed of cavical cancer and I must start on chemotherapy first of August now am at the hospice but Martin Jo’s lllat my sisterv placev so he .told me they are Abusing him so please I beg you to help so he can go back to jorbug until I’m fine ……they promise to put him on the streets so please I’m begging you to help him when I’m fine will be with him like now he’s not well also so he told me..”

More to Follow………..This is a developing story

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