Thursday, August 3

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Thuli from muvhango 'Simphiwe Ngema' breaks down at Sfiso 'Dumi Masilela's scene of death

Simphiwe Ngema 'thuli from muvhango' breaks down at Sfiso 'Dumi Masilela's scene of death 

Sfiso From Rhythm City News - The pastor's kid was seen at arriving at her husband's scene of death an hour after the scene took place.

She looked lost and ready to fall. It was as if she didn't even know where she was or who she was.

She got out of the car walked towards the spot where the police pointed to.

She for a long time froze on the spot and screamed her lungs out in tears. She kept on mumbling "baby it's a lie"

Her sister tried to comfort her of which she also burst in tears.
Dumi's wife fell flat on the ground still screaming "baby I'm here,come back "

A passer by who saw this says she also cried with them and it reminded her of when she lost her entire family to a burning house.

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