Sunday, August 13

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Simphiwe Ngema 'I wore my wedding dress on his funeral day bcz we never got to do the white wedding'

Simphiwe Ngema :I wore white on dumi's funeral because we were planning our white wedding

Simphiwe Ngema's husband was laid to rest in a tuxedo that his wife chose for him.

To the world today might have been Dumi's funeral but to his wife it was their wedding day.

Many black widows wear black on their husbands funerals as a sign of mourning.

But not to Simphiwe Ngema, she wore white to celebrate their love and to thank him for loving her till death did them apart as they promised each other.
Simphiwe imagined that the next time she and her husband would be crowded by their loved once would be on their white wedding.

Wearing a white dress on her husband's funeral gives her closure more than anything else.

People will judge and criticise me for my choice of colour but my Dumi would have approved, I know he approves even now,she said.

Her last words were "I love you more even in death my love ".

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