Thursday, August 3

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Tsekeleke's woman: We were mama and papa bear cos of our size

Tsekeleke's woman: We were mama bear and papa bear cos of our size 

The sobbing girlfriend of Tsekeleke got their closest friends and family worried.

She hasn't been eating nor talking to anyone. All she does is cry and ask Why?

The two adored each other so much that they were inseparable.

They spent most of their times indoors listening to music and cooking.
Everyone is now worried about her and how's she's going to get through losing the man in her life, her best friend and pillar.

Only work could keep them apart but if they are not working then they are glued together.

She keeps saying he took her happiness and reason for living with him. Friends and family are trying to get supportive and sympathetic but she's just not OK.

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