Tuesday, August 22

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Vodacom users get R10 000 compensation in cash,claim yours (here is how to claim)

Vodacom users get R10 000 compensation in cash,claim yours.

Vodacom users were robbed of their data and airtime by Vodacom since the beginning of August.

Only a few would lose their data so they blamed their phones for chowing data. When contacting Vodacom to find out what was finishing their data Vodacom blamed running apps on the customers phones.

Things got out of hand on the 21st of August when 90% of Vodacom's clients received smses showing that their data depleted.

Vodacom customers took it to all social media to express their frustrations towards their service providers.
Vodacom will apparently compensate all customers according to how much data and airtime they have lost.

Those who lost under 5GB will receive their data back before the end of today whilst those who lost more than that will be compensated on cash with a little extra.

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