Tuesday, August 1

Mahlatse Ramatseba

What happened 10 minutes before Tsekeleke fatty boom boom died

What happened 10 minutes before Tsekeleke died

Tsekeleke didn't look sick few minutes before his death.

He was on the phone with all his girlfriend's declaring his love for them.He was in a great mood all day until later when he complained about a slight headache.

He went into the house to rest and we had plans to watch a scandal together,said his neighbour.
I have problems with my TV so I decided to go watch TV with him and when I got there his breathing was loud and his eyes weren't blinking, added the neighbour who broke into tears.

I was shocked and it felt like I had lost my mind because for a few seconds there I froze.

My mind blanked out on me completely so I didn't know what to do until I ran outside to seek help and we rushed him to voslorus Hospital on Monday after undergoing a procedure on his leg - Tsekeleke was diagnosed with diabetes and had been in and out of hospital since last year.

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