Wednesday, August 30

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Why do women cheat-10 reasons you have been waiting for

Why do women cheat-10 reasons you have been waiting for 

Cheating is mostly commonly known as a man's weakness but not anymore. Women cheat as well these days and the reasons are rather shocking.

1.The man becomes ignorant nd neglects the woman

2.The sex isnt the same anymore or shes tired of the daily sex routines

 3. Distance

 4.lies and mans childish acts

5. When a woman is used to her man complimenting her and praising her nd he stops she gets it outside

6. When the relationship reaches being too comfortable that the couple becomes more like mother and son or even siblings then the woman will go look for a boyfriend
7. Men stop doing the little things that got the woman attracted so the woman will eventually go find someone who will continue doing the little things

8. Financial instability can also send a woman seeking for financial help from other men

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