Wednesday, August 30

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Zodwa Wabantu buys a R2m (2 million) benz G glass

Zodwa Wabantu buys a R2 million benz G glass               

Zodwa wa bantu is known for her sexy outfits, sexy dance moves and her excessive drinking. 

Zodwa has been said that just her appearance alone at events is quite expensive. 

She goes around parting and getting paid for parting. People have ridiculed her so much but she never cared. 

Zodwa says that they ridicule her and her outfits but she's not worried because she's making money 

Those outfits pay my bills so why worry about my source of income which us unpleasant to the broke people?she asked 

The rich just keep inviting me just for appearance and paying me enough so those moaning broke people are just excuses of human beings 

Zodwa said those words while driving off in her brand new Mercedes G class worth two million which she bought cash.

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