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Mahlatse Ramatseba

10 shocking details About Uhuru Kenyatta you probably didn’t know…

10 shocking details About Uhuru Kenyatta you probably didn’t know…

1. He worked as a Teller in his early years as a Teller

In the years between 1979 and 1980, Uhuru got a job at KCB Bank, Kipande House on Kenyatta Avenue.

At the time, he earned around 600 shillings.

2. His favorite subject in High School Was History

This might explain why he is into politics. His Father was one of the political figures we study in History and it must have been interesting for him to learn more about his Father’s political side.

3. Worked in a Restaurant while in the US

Burger King is a Chain restaurant in the US that sells Burgers. Uhuru Kenyatta once worked as a ‘Burger Boy’.

4. He slept in State House when his Father was the President, but it was never his home

When Jomo Kenyatta was the President, Uhuru Kenyatta spent very little time in State House despite his Father being there.

He lived in Gatundu, his village home.

5. He was a village photographer while living in Gatundu

It might come as a surprise to you, but Uhuru was once a photographer back in Gatundu as a young man.

6. He used to personally collect Horticulture for export in his pickup

Unlike many young professinales today, in his younger years, Uhuru did not shy away from agriculture and  farming.

7. He has retained his first driver and secretary.
Talk of consistency. His first ever driver and secretary are still working for him up to date!

8. He got married at the age of 30

He met Margaret Kenyatta in Mombasa and proposed to her in Karen, Nairobi. He was 30 years at the time.

9. The favorite Ministry he has ever worked for was the Ministry of Trade.

Above all positions he has held within the Government of Kenya besides being a President, he thoroughly enjoyed working as a Minister for the Ministry of Trade.

10. Nelson Mandela remains to be the most inspirational man he has ever met

Uhuru Kenyatta had the privilege  of meeting Nelson Mandela and to him, that’s the most inspirational person he has talked and interacted with.

11. He intends to retire at age 60

Like most public servants, Uhuru Kenyatta would like to pack his bags and relax at home when he turns 60.

12. His greatest desire is to serve the people of Kenya

As the 4th President of Kenya, Uhuru’s greatest endeavor is to serve the people who chose elected him into power.

He has a legacy to maintain, bearing in mind that his father was the first president of Kenya and President Moi wanted him to become the Presdient.

That said, it is in Uhuru’s greatest interest to ensure that he does a good job in his service.

And there you have it, 12 great things about Uhuru that you probably didn’t know.

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