Saturday, September 30

Mahlatse Ramatseba

How Khanyi Mbau ended up sl33p!ng with her cosmetic surgeon 

How Khanyi Mbau ended up sl33p!ng with her cosmetic surgeon

Everyone has noticed how Ms Mbau gets prettier by the day.

Egypt many look worn out and improper with ageing ,Khanyi Mbau is definitely riding a different bike.

She's gets her beauty game on par by visiting cosmetic surgeons twice a year, it's said.

She apparently had $3xu@l Int3rcours3 with her recent cosmetic surgeon.
One of the nurses who was on duty on that day claims to have walked in on Khanyi and Doctor doing the deeds.

The nurse says she had everything from scratch,how it started and led them to where they are now.

They both offered to pay the nurse to keep the discovery to herself when they noticed her in the room, according to the anonymous nurse.

The nurse refused the bribery but she couldn't keep the news to herself as she knows the Dr's we and she doesn't deserve the betrayal.

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