Thursday, September 7

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Julius Malema having complications after quitting ARV’s earlier this year

Julius Malema having complications after quitting ARV’s 'HIV/AIDS medicine' earlier this year

We have learned that Malema had spent the weekend in hospital due to ARV withdrawal symptoms.

According to our source, a close relative of babes’s cousin, babes quit ARV’s earlier this year after been convinced that he was healed by a traditional healer.

It’s alleged that Julius Malema took a test that came out negative and threw all the medicine away ; 5 month ago and got back to his drinking habit. Malema had been on ARV’s for the past 3 three years.
Doctors say it is possible to get negative results if you’re using ARV’s and that does not mean you’re now healed, the virus cannot be detected in your blood but it’s there and if you quit your medicine you give it power to destroy your immune system again.

“I would advice Julius Malema to stick to his prescription. And she should know that quitting the medicine is very risky if the virus take over her immune right now there is a very good chance his body my reject the medicine and the virus can also become immune to the ARV’s that’s why it’s important never to quit”

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