Wednesday, September 20

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Limpopo Hospitals should just be considered mortuaries - people waiting to die

Limpopo Hospitals should just be considered mortuaries

Gorvernment hospitals were supposed to be a blessing to those who can't afford medical expenses

Every government hospital has now became a curse to the ill,especially in Limpopo

Apparently Nurses and Doctors have lost respect for their jobs. Even nurses who walks in the hospitals with pure hearts and desired minds end up corrupted by old staff

George Masebe in Mokopane has been the worst kind of hospital so far in the waterbeg district.

A journalist student went to the hospital,pretending to be visiting someone just to see how the hospital operates
The hospital is clean and security guards at their gate excellently do their job but it's the inside staff meant to save lives that gave the student a nightmare bedtime story

The patients are ignored and when they are attended to they are shouted at and insulted

Speaking to people outside the hospital visiting their patients apparently there's been more people leaving the hospital dead than healed people

No one even wants to go to the hospital when they are sick anymore because they fear the wolf pack staff at the hospital

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