Monday, September 18

Mahlatse Ramatseba

ZCC Lekganyane 'Senyaka Moruti wa Tsotsi was a Prophecy - fake prophets are worsening poverty levels'

ZCC Lekganyane 'Senyaka Moruti wa Tsotsi was a prophecy - fake prophets are many now'

Limpopo – South African Zion (zcc)leader TB Joshua, has reportedly claimed that "fake" pastors and prophets "are worsening poverty levels in Malawi".
The Bishop reportedly told online media that despite the fact that the south africa is a God fearing country, it had a lot of "fake" prophets and this was contributing to the poverty in that country.
"The Bishop says SOUTH AFRICA is really a God fearing country but there are more prophets and pastors who are after money and not to serve which is disappointing. The man of God has urged people in the country to refrain from false prophets and pastors," 
It was not clear, however, why The Bisho made the claims. 
In 2016, one of the prophets in the southern African country, Trevor Kautsire, made a rare confession on modern say prophecy, claiming that some pastors were not using the "power of the Holy Spirit" to perform their so-called "miracles".
Kautsire said at the time that some prophets were using magic, witchcraft and satanism to perform miracles.


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