Monday, October 23

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Scientists are investigating the ingredients in Bushiri's lion of Juda Oil because it perfects everything

Scientists are investigating Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's lion of Juda Oil because it perfects everything 

Two scientist from Pretoria secretly attended the ECG church in Pretoria this past weekend.

Their mission was to get the Lion of Juda Oil and test it scientifically to uncover the ingredients.

The reason they got curious is because they each claim that their family members have used the Lion of Juda Oil and their lives have since changed.
It's been blessings after blessings so there must be a secret ingredient they are willing to have sleepless nights working just to reveal it.

This scientists think there is an ingredient in the oil which react for this miracles to happen because they have tested it and there is 100% evidence that it works because the oil was able to raise a dead person in their lab, so they wont sleep until they get the ingredient in the oil.

More details to follow shortly keep on checking

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