Thursday, November 2

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Mtee's mother:my son had a big D & now it's small, the venda ex girlfriend bewitched him?

Mtee's mother 'my son had a big D & now it's  small, the venda ex girlfriend bewitched him?

Emtee's mother has been admitted at hospital,after a neighbour showed her a video of her son.

The video trended so much that when it got to Emtee's mom she couldn't believe her eyes.
According to the neighbours,Emtee's mom kept on saying that Emtee's bazooka wasn't that small.

He was a gifted child and I could judge from just watching him grow that he will be well endowed, she said.
Her mom asked one of the nurse's to call Emtee for her and when Emtee arrived his mom asked him to go ask for forgiveness from his venda ex girlfriend.

Apparently the break up was ugly and the ex girlfriend did mention that he will go back to his birth Size but they took it lightly until now.

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