Wednesday, December 6

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Khanyi Mbau develops skin problems – see pictures

Khanyi Mbau develops skin problems – see pictures

Social media is awash with reports that suggest Khanyi Mbau is having side effects for bleaching her skin to look lighter. It is reported that many a times she swells and the skin is stretched by fluids under the skin. It also reported that the skin problems have caused the delay in release of the long waited Omunye music video by Distruction Boyz where she is featuring. Khanyi Mbau’s skin is getting darker by the day the reports suggest.

Distruction Boyz took it to social media to complain about Khanyi Mbau’s skin issues.

Below is a complaint by Distruction Boyz from their facebook page:

“We would like to apologize to all the fans and supporters but it is with great sadness that the music video will have another delay again and will not come out today as scheduled.

Reason being KHANYI MBAU is complaining that the video does not represent her looks accordingly. She complained about have shades being TOO DARK and this conflicts with her brands that sponsor her looks. To be honest we feel like she looks very pretty in the original shade used by video editors.
We respect her decision of sending the video back to editors because we understand she’s a very premium brand and her image is very important to her.
The only problem is time, already the video is super late and people are running out of patience because of the popularity of the song. We are losing out of airplay and TV channels are fighting with us. If we could reshoot the video, we would but we cant because Khanyi Mbau is one of the highlights.
Only God knows konke kusezandleni zakhe”

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