Tuesday, December 5

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Papa Penny reveal DNA results proving Yena Aya Kwini 'Majulle' is his blood brother

Papa Penny reveal DNA results proving Yena Aya Kwini 'Majulle' is his younger brother

It is no secret that Wednesdays belong to Papa Penny since the commencement of his popular show Ahee. The show has been a favorite for many as the legendary musician shares his life. Now exclusive details have emerged of how the star will reveal DNA results that prove his is the biological brother to Majulle,'Yena Aya Kwini'.
“He is my younger brother and I am very proud of him,” he confirmed.
Although the Bum Bum hitmaker stressed that it was a family matter, he admitted that his father was in a relationship with Majulle’s mother back in the day.
Penny Penny says majulle’s mother didn’t tell him my father she was pregnant, giving his kid(Majulle) to another man instead. “my father didn’t know he had a son,” he explains. “Majulle's mother didn’t tell my father but gave the child to another man.”
Penny Penny claimed that it was Majulle who actually broke the news to him after learning the secret from his mother.
“Now I have the DNA results to prove everything. Do not miss this week’s show,” he said.

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