Wednesday, December 13

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Shock Makes Way For Admiration With Fake Blood!!!!

Shock Makes Way For Admiration With Fake Blood!!!!

WHEN people see these photos for the first time, they’re left feeling shocked and horrified.

But soon shock makes way for admiration.

These are not real injuries but the work of make-up artist Nandi Mpiti from Cape Town.

The horror injury pictures have been doing the rounds on social media, but attempts to speak to the talented girl proved fruitless.

The caption under the gruesome photos reads: “Don’t be alarmed. It’s make-up and fake blood. Please help me live my dream of becoming a make-up artist in the film industry.”

On her social media account, where she posts the pictures, Nandi writes: “Please share. My future employer might be on your timeline.”
Those who know the talented young artist told the People’s Paper she wanted to work in the film industry as a make-up artist and that she was passionate about her work.

Joga Kwang wrote: “Wow! Talent! Great job, Nandi. You have my full support.”

Daddy Wabo wrote: “Look at SA’s talent. Nandi wants to be a make-up artist. Please tweet this until the filmmakers see it.”

Some people seemed too afraid even to look. “This is scary. For me it brings back bad memories,” wrote Sizwe Mazibuko.

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