Thursday, December 14

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Simphiwe Ngema pregnant with Solly Moholo's child - Nation shocked

Simphiwe Ngema just found out that she's pregnant 

The widow of Dumi Masila is overwhelmed with emotions and the events in her life right now.

few months ago she burried her husband's dumi and she couldn't stop crying.

She sat there like she couldn't wait to hear someone say "Dumi is okay guys go home, this was just a bad joke ".

Simphiwe was seen crying and forcing a smile everytime a beautiful memory of her husband was shared because she new what she did with solly moholo.

During the time of the memorial She was so brave through the service but collapsed towards the end. She was immediately rushed to a near by hospital where tests were ran and she was told she's 10 weeks pregnant.

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