Thursday, January 4

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Celine Dion slaps Mariah Carey

Celine Dion slaps Mariah Carey

The old time hit maker,doesn't only make hit lyrics but she also makes hit slaps.

There have been unconfirmed rumours about Mariah Carey now dating an older man.

The same hearsay carried on to say that the older man in question happens to be Celine Dion's man.
The two apparently bumped into each other at a restaurant and what seemed to be like an intense argument then jumped to a physical disagreement.

Celine Dion was seen slapping Mariah Carey and the waiters were seen jumping in before Mariah Carey could retaliate.

Full details as to what happened after they were separated and taken to the office were not given. But a source says their fight is about them sleeping with the same man and it's been going on for months now.

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