Sunday, January 7

Mahlatse Ramatseba



A couple has been left outraged following an apparent racial profiling incident at a restaurant.

Oscar Hlalethwa and his wife posted a video on Facebook to vent their anger.

They said they were shocked when they wanted to pay their bill following good service at the Royal Hotel restaurant in Mpumalanga.

Oscar said to their horror they saw the bill had the word “blacks” written on it, while the customers seated next to them had theirs marked “whites”.

He said he spent almost R1 000 on dinner, only to receive a bill with his race written on it.

“Our money is the same, regardless of our race. This is appalling,” Oscar’s wife can be heard saying in the video.

In his Facebook post, Oscar said they confronted the waiter who said it meant nothing.

“After not falling for the waiter’s poor excuse, we then asked to see the manager, who came up with a different excuse.

“He claimed all the tables were colour coded.”

He said the people seated next to them helped prove their allegations about racial profiling.
Oscar wrote on his Facebook page: “All thanks to the guys seated next to us who showed us their bill. It proved that the manager’s story about colour coding does not exist. Their bill was labelled whites.”

He said his family was angry because when they requested answers from the manager, he just walked away.

Oscar said after a few minutes the manager came back and told them they didn’t have to pay for their meal.

“It seems as if they are used to black people not paying their bill, so they labelled the bill in case we didn’t pay.

“We are capable of paying our own bill,” Oscar’s wife said.

When Daily Sun contacted the restaurant, the hotel’s reservation manager, George Mathebula said they were investigating the matter.

He said they never had such incidents in their restaurant and their billing system had no race labelling code.

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