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Julius Malema to wife 'You have no right to be angry i paid lobola' see details....

Julius Malema to wife 'You have no right to be angry i paid lobola'

Is a wife wrong to be angry at her husband? Eff leader Julius Malema's wife Mantwa Matlala is complaining.

I’m a stay-home mum but I freelance for a living. I have known my husband for 10 years. During the period we dated, he supported me financially even though I never asked for a dime. But then, anytime we had a misunderstanding, he was quick to calling me a gold-digger and this used to hurt that i almost quit the relationship because using that term was so demeaning and insulting. Before we wedded, I made sure to end the part of him calling me gold-digger by asking him to stop rendering help to me.

We are married now and things are really cool with us but for this one part. I was jobless for a long while but because i didn’t want the gold-digger name to resurface, i maintained my lane and i’m that contented and i’m a s#ck3r for living an independent life. I took on freelancing and it’s been really cool. I just started freelancing full time barely a month ago and every dime i made, i used in offsetting some debts.

So, hubby complained that i don’t use cream and it’s not good for his public image that “people will be talking” and i was like “do i really care about what people say?” I’m not looking hungry and so i don’t have to be a slay mama. i’m not kidding but i look 18 when in fact i’m 2 years older. The issue is this: It’s not as if i don’t like to rub cream and do fine or i don’t know how to buy cloth and be slaying but I have more pressing issues.

I’m really lucky not be bother about those things because my in-laws are super nice. Now, i have other things to bother about. My skin is extra sensitive so i’m tired of jumping from cream to cream and thank goodness, i have a light skin. So, as i was saying, i have a younger sister in school who is my responsibility. I have parents too who are looking up to me, so i can’t go and buy beauty cream when I have a sister who hasn’t eating or my mum who’s waiting on me.

He asked why i don’t rub cream and i responded that i don’t have money yet for the one i like. He asked for the name and i said i had no idea that it’s an organic product and once I have the money, I will get it. Hubby got angry that i don’t care about his public image and i really don’t understand why i will be worried about people’s opinion of me.

I do my best not to complain of whatever he gives for the upkeep. This year has seen the worst of prices in the market and i have never complained or asked for more. I told him that i didn’t want to bother him with my issues and that I won’t be happy if someone calls me a gold digger. he got angry asking me who gave me the right to be angry? He said: ” I’m your husband. You have no right to say that i’m insulting you. Do you know the insults i receive at work & from the public

I’m quite confused. Was I really wrong to be angry or to express my concerns on how I feel? How can i navigate through this one? I don’t understand why I should be like an employee.

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